Our Pool is 3.5m x 2.3m x 1.2m deep

Holmarsh Canine Hydrotherapy Pool

The pool is designed exclusively for dogs and is heated to 28°c. The water quality is tested 3 times daily in line with CHA guidelines. Underwater jets are adjustable and provide resistance against the dog.

Dogs are swum individually wearing buoyancy aids and are fully supervised at all times.

After swimming, your dog is showered and dried.

Access into the pool is via a ramp or electric hoist. A resting platform is built into the pool.

Holmarsh Canine Hydrotherapy - dog on harness
Holmarsh Canine Hydrotherapy -  dog on ramp

Owners are encouraged to be involved in hydrotherapy sessions as this often encourages the dog, especially on a first visit.

Holmarsh Canine Hydrotherapy -  dog swimming

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